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A wheelchair can be simply defined as a portable chair that is fitted with wheels and used by a seated occupant as a reliable walking aid via wheels for moving from one place to another. A typical wheelchair comes in two variations, while the first one allows manual propulsion by the seated person just by turning the rear wheels via their hands, or electric propulsion by motors.


Wheelchairs often have handles installed behind the seats that can be pushed by different individuals for moving the seated occupant from one spot to another. There are many multipurpose wheelchairs available in the market for the physically handicapped that are adjustable and can be maneuvered without any difficulty. And if your house or work-space has spacing constraints, you can even find folding wheelchairs whose parts can be easily stacked over each other.


Types of Wheelchairs

There are primarily two types of wheelchairs- Electric and Manual. A manual wheelchair is propelled by the user and comprises of round bars that surround the wheels. These type of wheelchairs have handles on the back making them easy to be pushed around by another person. Manual wheelchairs are lightweight, easy to maintain, and less expensive to buy than their electric counterparts. On the other hand, Electric wheelchairs are motorized, that is, propelled by a motor and battery and can be operated with a joy stick or by pushing buttons. They are also known as automatic wheelchairs.


Due to their sophisticated nature, electric wheelchairs can be raised up to give access to high shelves, climb up stairs, and move across gravel. There are some other types of wheelchairs as well such as power Hospital chairs that are used by physically handicapped sports-persons for playing power football.


Uses of Wheelchairs

Wheelchairs are the staple equipment of the medical industry and can be widely seen as an integral part of hospital furniture and medical equipment. Wheelchairs are meant to be used by people for whom walking is impossible or difficult due to an injury, illness, or disability. Further, people suffering from backaches or difficulty in walking or sitting often make use of support and braces along with a wheel bench.


Wheelchairs are used for a variety of reasons by people who are temporarily or permanently paralyzed due to spinal cord injuries or spinal dysfunction. Moreover, individuals with multiple sclerosis, arthritis, cancer, back conditions, and other mild to serious impairments use wheelchairs to assist them with mobility problems. Nowadays, you can even find specialized wheelchairs for offices.


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