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Medical Supplies and Equipment play a key role in the healthcare industry. This category involves various equipment, such as bandages, tongue depressors, syringes, and other medical devices. It is used in medical fields like hospitals, dental spaces, and clinical laboratories. The healthcare system is facing rapid change, and now, purchasing Medical supplies and equipment is easy. The rise in charges and limiting stock is an alarming sign to purchase the products at the right time and use them wisely. 


Underlining the importance of investing in the healthcare sector for every medical store is essential now. The industry experts believe there will be a significant increase in healthcare spending in India and across the globe in the coming years. The medical experts' sole responsibility is buying quality medical tools and accessories to treat patients with care, and purchasing good quality equipment is always a priority. 

Different categories of medical supplies and equipment used

There are types of different categories of medical supplies as follow:

Diagnostic Medical Equipment 


It is highly specialised and is designed to identify the exact cause of your health problems. The diagnostic equipment used in a hospital setting includes x-ray machines, ultrasounds, endoscopes, electrocardiograms and radiology machines.

1. Stethoscopes

2. Sphygmomanometers

3. Ophthalmoscopes

4. Otoscopes

Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

Medical equipment is used to provide long-term benefits for patients with a medical condition or illness. A physician must prescribe the use of the equipment below, which can be purchased over the counter at various locations, including pharmacies. Such devices are long-term, reusable supplies of equipment which can be used in the hospital or at home. Like, 

1. Walkers

2. Canes

3. Crutches

4. Wheelchairs

Treatment equipment

Modern technology can correct conditions within the human body and restore normal function. Treatment equipment is designed to provide medical assistance for any condition that requires treatment. It is used to describe anything from a crutch to surgical supplies.

Life support equipment

This category is also known as life-saving devices, which are those medical devices intended to maintain the bodily functions and well-being of a patient until they can be transported or stabilised in a hospital. Life support equipment also includes ventilators and respirators.


What are the types of Medical Supplies & Equipment?

1. Medical Clothing

The doctors are the professional workers in the health care industry taking care of the patients day and night. To protect them from germs and other body infections, a full-body cover naming blue trousers and a comfy t-shirt to wear is a must. This type carries high significance in terms quality of medical clothing.

2. Medical Furniture

Here comes one of the most critical aspects of the business: furniture. Every health care requires the best medical furniture to give the patient proper infrastructure. The quality of the furniture defines the value of particular health care or a store.

3. Infant Care

There is a specialised section of infant care. The products have to be hygienic and of good quality. At Industrybuying, you get everything in good condition at the best of its prices. We do not compromise on the quality of the service and ensure to provide everything when it comes to medical care required. 

4. Veterinary Care

It is another significant section, especially for the veterinary doctors who need supplies like sanitisers or to treat a pet of any kind. There are a variety of medical tools and equipment available on our list. For Example, Erose Tracheostomy Tube Size-30, Erose 3Inch Teat Plug, Erose and 114 mm Milk Siphon etc

5. Disinfection Chamber

Every Medical care requires a disinfection chamber which keeps the area clean and healthy. Every medical care needs to have good quality products only. Our products qualify the mark of trust when it comes to quality checks. 

6. Medical Consumables 

Every medical store or health care clinic should have medical consumables. Buying good equipment and other medical accessories are easily available on the service to run medical care healthily. 

 7. Support-Braces & Splints 

There should be proper tools to treat the patients to avoid any kind of injury. Braces and splints are beneficial for treating acute orthopaedic injuries and chronic conditions and preventing injury. Sometimes, to treat patients, you can opt for homemade splints such as Shoelaces, belts, ropes, and strips of cloth suitable for it. The medical tape is also an option to use to handle an immediate injury. 


The Safety Measures of Medical Supplies and Equipment

Wear a Comfortable Uniform that does not Interfere with Movement

As healthcare workers. It's important to wear comfortable uniforms that should not hinder movement. This will allow you to perform your tasks efficiently and safely. Recognising the need for functional clothing, we have stocked our products with the utmost comfort and functionality in mind.


Prevent Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens

According to the International Safety Center's EPINet Report for Blood and Body Fluid Exposures for 2015. There is a standard rate of 11.4 exposures per 100 cases. Over 50 per cent occurred in the patient's room or ward. Protective barriers such as work uniforms with built-in gloves during patient care activities can help prevent exposure to bloodborne pathogens.


Ensure All Personnel Receive Fire Safety Training

This is an important step to consider in the safety measure as it protects you from getting in injury or damage. Medical personnel work in potentially tough scenarios daily with exposure to flammable gases and chemicals, making regular fire safety training essential.


Practice Correct Disposal of Sharps and Other Hazardous Waste

You must know the basic medical equipment list in order to handle the equipment in the right way. Using them wisely is a safety measure for you and the patient as well. You must wear gloves while using the equipment that will work as a barrier to keep the germs away. 


Get Adequate Rest Between Shifts

Yes, it is important to be cautious of your working schedule. Due to treating excessive patients, it becomes difficult to treat patients with proper freshness. It is advisable to maintain a balance between work and your health routine too. 


Use Only Certified Cleanroom Laundry Processing Facilities

The uniform essentials of healthcare workers must be clean and hygienic. It is significant to follow this rule so that you do not pass on germs and bacteria. Clothes are a secondary medium to walking with germs, and it becomes a significant priority when dealing with patients.


What are the pointers to keep in mind?

When you buy any medical supply or equipment, you must check the following pointers below: 


1. You must check the expiry date

2. Look for the quality of the medical uniform 

3. Check whether the equipment is working properly or not.


At Industrybuying, you get a variety of medical supplies and equipment to complete the healthcare stock. There is proper equipment available for veterinary purposes under the best pricing.

Brand Names Associated with Industrybuying

We have top-selling products for the best medical supplies and equipment companies, such as IB Basics, Equinox, Digitone, Medizone and many more. 

Here is the list of top-selling products along with their market price:


S. No


Market Price

Industrybuying Price


IB BASICS SS Male Bed Pan with Cover IB-3251

 Rs. 650

 Rs. 527


Tynor Invalid Walker With All pods Heavy Duty Walking Stick L 34

 Rs. 3,000

 Rs. 2,060


IB BASICS V-Neck Unisex Scrub Suit Set Blue 85026-XXL

 Rs. 950

 Rs. 891


Medizone Small Disposable Panty

 Rs. 950

 Rs. 202


Erose Tracheostomy Tube Size-30

 Rs. 650

 Rs. 582


Erose 114 mm Milk Siphon

 Rs. 350

 Rs. 218


IB Basics 3 Ply Face Mask Pack of 100 Pcs

 Rs. 750

 Rs. 700





1. Why are medical supplies essential? 

Medical Devices are defined as a fundamental component of Health care Systems. The medical equipment is beneficial as they're essential to prevent, diagnose, treat and rehabilitate illnesses and diseases safely and effectively. 


2. What are the functions of medical devices?

Diagnosis, prevention, monitoring, alleviation of disease, diagnosis, observing, treatment, alleviation of or compensation for an injury.


3. What is the difference between medical supplies and medical equipment?

Other examples of commonly used DME are canes, blood sugar metres, hospital beds, and continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machines. On the other hand, disposable medical supplies are exactly what it says on the tin: typically, these are items that are disposed of after a single-use.


4. How many types of medical devices are there?
Today in the count, there is an estimated number of 2 million different kinds of medical supplies and equipment on the world market, which are further categorised into more than 7000 generic devices groups.


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