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Plastic Crates are the most commonly used objects to help in carrying the load from one place to another. It comes in various shapes and sizes which you can opt as per the required task. Industrybuying sells the best quality plastic storage crates for carrying the goods and services like fruits, vegetables, or any other significant items. It makes the storage and transporting the goods easier. Customers who work as vegetable sellers or as dairy shop owners need this product in good quality service only. Here, you can read about all the essential details to buy the right product at affordable pricing. 

What Are The Benefits Of Using Plastic Crates?

The pointers are as follows: 

These plastic vegetable crates are rigid, strong and durable yet hygienic for long-term use. Not only that it is best used for multiple applications such as storage purposes, food processing needs or vegetable harvesting etc. However, you can use plastic crates as per your requirement.

It is also used in a wide variety of non-food applications. The plastic crates has robust design and mechanical strength helping to excel in industrial areas. For example, distributing the machine parts, handling metal fixing etc. Also, these crates can carry loads of around 500kg approx. 

There are some
plastic crates with lids which work as containers to transport heavy items. Before buying plastic crates, you need to look at the following areas as they should have rounded corners to prevent any kind of damage. It makes the crate easy to adjust or replace from the area. This helps in speeding up the process and avoiding water retention if stored outside. 

What Are The Uses Of Plastic Crates?

Plastic crate boxes are the perfect solution for storing and distributing heavy loads. The crates can be used for storing clothes in bulk or any other consumable item, if not for transportation purposes. 

Ideal for use in refrigerators and freezers, our plastic crates are designed to allow for maximum ventilation. This promotes airflow, speeding up the chilling process, and helps to maintain a constant temperature. We also offer lids and label holders to accommodate your individual storage needs.

Folding bulk containers offer a practical solution for users that need temporary storage. They are typically made from strong plastic and, the best for easy transportation and storage. It can be simply unfolded when required and secure in place with stakes or ties. This
heavy-duty plastic crates can be used in a variety of applications, including transporting goods, storing materials or waste outside the house, creating temporary work areas, camping or picnic settings and making large decking areas. 

The Best Selling Plastic Crates of 2022

1. TPT Plastic Storage Crates 444

2. Aristo 157 LTR Rectangular Crate 857425 TP

3. ARISTO 18.50 ltr 500 x 325 x 150 mm Blue Plastic Crate 53150 CC

4. Stanley FT505 50 Ltr / 25 Kg Capacity Foldable Plastic Crate

5. Nilkamal JBC-64320 Perforated Crate Walls With Closed Bottom

What Are The Types Of Plastic Crates Available? 

SUPREME 48 Ltr 540x360x300 mm Plastic Multi-Purpose Crates SSP-543630

Supreme 48 Ltr 540x360x300 mm Plastic Multi-Purpose Crates, available in Blue colour, are made of PVC plastic to ensure a long product life, strength and durability. These versatile plastic crates have the ability to stack together, making the chore of moving easy. The bottom surface is flat with a central recess moulded into it, which allows the baskets to nest together when empty.

SUPREME 32 Ltr 500x325x250 mm Yellow Plastic Crates SCH-503225

Supreme 165 Ltr Super Jumbo plastic crates are made of HDPE and are highly durable. They are good for load-bearing surfaces and can be stacked on top of each other. These crates are ideal for use in your warehouse or retail store to transport products from one place to another. The high-density polyethene material is easy to clean and does not rust easily unlike steel or aluminium trays.

Supreme SCH-503220 26 Ltr 500x325x200 mm Plastic Crate

This 26 Ltr Plastic Crate is a 100% recyclable, one-piece plastic bottle with smooth sides fitted with integral handles. It is used to transport multiple bottles of beverages or juices in retail stores. Designed carefully using qualitative raw materials, this product is highly durable and sturdy in nature. This 26 Ltr Plastic Crate is widely appreciated by our customers across the country owing to its ultimate performance and long-term working life. 

Mahabir 43150 Plastic Crates 14 Ltr

These plastic crates are reusable storage boxes that have been designed to withstand the rigours of modern warehousing and distribution. The high-quality plastic used is extremely durable and resists denting, warping and corrosion. They are ideal for storing goods in warehouses or factories where palettes are often moved about. 

Aristo 157 LTR Rectangular Crate 857425 TP

This aristo plastic crate model comes with a flat bottom that can be stacked on any other crate without the fear of tipping over. The materials used in these crates make it fire-retardant as well as waterproof. It is recommended to store only non-combustible materials inside this crate.

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