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A Chain Pulley Block, often called a manual chain hoist, is a device that uses a chain to lift and lower large objects. There are two wheels in Chain Blocks, and a chain is wrapped around them. Pulling on the chain causes it to wind around the wheels and start lifting the object that is hooked onto the rope or chain. To elevate the load more uniformly, Chain Pulley Blocks can alternatively be fastened to lifting slings or chain bags.


A lifting chain, a hand chain, and a gripping hook are all parts of a Chain Pulley Block. Although manual chain blocks can also be utilised, electric chain blocks are more popular. The grabbing hook must first be used to attach the Chain Pulley Block to the cargo. The weight is then raised off the ground as a result of the tension created when the hand chain tightens its grip on the wheel and forms a loop inside the mechanism.

Uses of Chain Pulley Block

Chain Pulley Blocks are frequently used in garages where they can quickly remove engines from cars because of their lifting capabilities. Chain Pulley Blocks are an incredibly effective technique to do tasks that may have required more than two workers to complete because they can be operated by one person.


Additionally, Chain Pulley Blocks are used in companies with assembly lines to move products to and from the belt, on construction sites where they can hoist objects from higher levels, and occasionally even to winch cars out of hazardous terrain.


A single chain is intended to be placed across each roller in a Chain Pulley Block. These rollers often come in one of two shapes. Some resemble wheels with a groove that is concave along the edge where the chain rests. A group of rollers that are all enclosed in one protective cover make up the more typical modern roller. The block is typically covered except for the area where the line is fed into the block and the area where it exits.

Precautions While Using Chain Pulley Block

Take a look at the following safety measures for using Chain Pulley Blocks-

1. Uneven load distribution can reduce the chain's tensile strength, causing the load to fail, and result in property damage or bodily harm.

2. The risk of a load dropping due to overload or improper chain selection.

3. The improper connection pin choice could lead to a failed load.

4. Chain failure is a possibility because of wear, corrosion, physical damage, and inadequate lubrication.

5. During the lifting process, excessive chain vibrations might cause uneven speed and the possibility of load falls.

6. The capacity of a chain may be weakened by twisted links or missing pins.

7. Failure of a chain hoist may result from overload.

8. During the lifting process, there is a chance of pinching or crushing any part of the body, particularly the fingers and hands.

9. foot being crushed because of a falling load or being caught in a thick chain.

10. Cuts to the hand can occasionally result from sharp metal shavings getting stuck in the chain.

Operating Measures of Chain Pulley Block

Following are some of the important measures to be kept in mind when operating the Chain Pulley Block-


1. If you haven't received the necessary training and authorization for the lifting work, don't operate Chain Pulley Block.

2. Never suspend the hoist from the top hook's point on the structure.

3. Don't exceed the safe working load when raising, suspending, or lowering the load.

4. Don't jam too many slings onto the hook.

5. Avoid wrapping the load with the hoist chain.

6. Never jolt a load or stop it from loading quickly.

7. Avoid dragging the chain block or chain hoist across the floor by dropping or throwing them.

8. Never attach a Chain Pulley Block to a pipeline or a temporary building.

9. Do not utilise accessories, slings, or hoists that are damaged.

10. Use caution when using a chain hoist with bent, twisted, or broken chain.

11. Avoid standing below a weight that is being raised or suspended.

12. Don't allow the burden to get out of hand.

13. Keep an eye on the suspended load.

14. For welding, avoid using the chain of the hoist as the ground.

15. No accessories may be removed, changed, modified, or rated differently.

16. Never lift, support, or transport people using a chain hoist.

17. When the load is being moved horizontally by the hoist, avoid standing in the load's path or in the space between the load and a stationary object.

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Indef, BMH, VSU, Standard, Safelift, Loadmate, Kepro, Fulcrum, Shift, Indef and many other global brands are available at Industrybuying providing best in class Chain Pulley Blocks online.

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IB Basics 1 Ton, 3 Metre Light Weight Chain Pulley Block




Indef 0.5 Ton 10 Mtr Chain Pulley Block




Frequently Asked Questions


1. What are the uses of Chain Pulley Block?

In addition to being excellent for overhead work and in cramped locations like automobile garages, Chain Pulley Block lifting equipment may be utilised for both machine installation and product repair. They function effectively in industries, research facilities, and power plants as well.


2. What are safety tips to be followed the Chain Pulley Block properly?


Here are few instructions to be followed-

1. When lifting, wear the proper personal protection gear.

2. Keep your feet clear when using a chain hoist to lower a weight.

3. Before lifting when utilised, make sure the shackle pins are properly installed.


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