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A fastener is a hardware component that mechanically connects or fastens two or more objects. Fasteners are typically used to create non-permanent joints or joints that can be taken apart without harming the parts they are connecting. Permanent joints can be made, for instance, through welding.

There are various types of fasteners. Each has its own purpose. Fasteners can be categorised as either Permanent or Non-Permanent. If a fastener is designed to allow for easy removal and reuse, it will most likely be a non-permanent fastener. On the other hand, permanent fasteners are designed to have no removable adjustment; once removed, the fastener cannot be reused. 

Commonly used types of permanent and non-permanent fasteners include bolts, screws, rivets and nuts, respectively. 

Threaded Fasteners

Threaded fasteners are one of the most commonly used fasteners for efficiently and effectively assembling components. They can be installed or uninstalled without any significant effort, which makes them an ideal solution for assembly projects where changes need to be made quickly and frequently. Bolts, Studs, and Screws are the three main types of Fasteners.

1. Bolts: Bolts are threaded fasteners that have a head on one end and threads on the other. They are generally used with washers and nuts. For example, imagine putting together an Ikea chair with no power tools—you would use bolts to hold the pieces of wood together.

2. Screws: A screw is a fastener with a threaded shaft, typically made from an alloy such as steel or plastic, used to secure objects together by their threads. Screws can be differentiated by their head style (e.g. flat or countersunk), their shape (e.g., square or hex) and their thread angle (i.e., if it is cut at 0 degrees or 90 degrees).


3. Studs: Studs are threaded on both ends and therefore have no head. The studs may be left in place if the parts are disassembled for repair or inspection; otherwise, they may be removed by unscrewing the threads.

Different types of Fasteners are available at Industrybuying


1. Bolts & Set Screws: Bolts and Setscrews are typically used for joining parts together. Bolts generally have a threaded shank, which is the portion of the bolt that extends below the head. The portion of a bolt above the head is called a stud. The hole into which it is inserted is called a threaded hole. A bolt or set screw head may also be called an end cap or knurled cap.


2. Eye Bolts: Eye Bolts are used to connect chains to wood or metal without the need for other hardware. Available in multiple sizes, they feature a circular ring instead of a traditional head to hang items with multiple attachment points quickly.


3. Socket Screws: Socket screws are fastened with an Allen Key and are commonly used in woodworking. They feature a socket at the tip that fits onto an Allen key and secures a screw into place. These can be made with a smooth shank for stability or a hexagon shank which allows them to be used with power tools.


4. Lock Nuts: Lock Nuts are used when the nut needs to be locked without clamping onto another object. They are commonly used in automobiles and equipment to secure gears, shafts, fasteners, and mounting brackets. They have a slotted hex on one side for inserting a wrench and a smooth bore on the other that accepts a cotter pin or cotter key.


5. Shear Nuts: Shear Nuts are single-thread nuts made of high-grade zinc plated steel. These cone-shaped nuts feature a hexagonal gripping point that snaps off when the maximum torque has been reached, leaving the cone-shaped nut, which is tough to remove.


6. Flat Washers: Flat washers have a flat, circular disc shape and are used to evenly distribute a load of a bolt, screw, or nut as it is tightened. The flat washer creates space between the two parts held together by the fastener, acting as a cushion for both surfaces.


7. Spring Washers: The Spring Lock Washer is designed to stop the bolt, screw or nut from vibrating loose. These locks are also used in applications where a spring washer is needed but not recommended.


8. Repair Washers: Repair Washers feature a small inside diameter hole and are designed to create a more excellent bearing surface and prevent pull-through. The larger the hole, the greater the bearing surface.


9. Cup Washers: Cup Washers are used with a wood screw to create a flush finish with the fastener head. The washer contours to the head of the screw and forms a cup shape, allowing it to sit below the surface of the material being fastened, creating a finished look.


10. Pop Rivets: Pop rivets can be used to join two materials together. The body of the rivet is forced into the mandrel, causing it to expand and grip the material(s). Once gripped, the remaining mandrel snaps off, leaving you with a secure connection.


11. Large Top Rivets: Large Flange Pop Rivets are similar to Pop Rivets in their application, but they feature a much larger flange. This can provide even more strength and security to your projects. Large Flange Pop Rivets are great for applications that need a large amount of strength and long-lasting durability.


12. Multi-grip Rivets: The Multi-Grip Rivet is used when two materials of different thicknesses are to be joined. One side of the rivet has a mushroom head providing a large bearing surface, and the other side has multi-way slots, which take care of changing thicknesses. This makes them both strong and versatile.


13. Anchors: Anchor bolts are typically used to connect structural and non-structural elements to concrete. A variety can make the connection of different components: anchor bolts, steel plates, or stiffeners. While these products vary in function, they all transfer different types of load: tension forces and shear forces. Anchor bolts come in various sizes, lengths, shapes and materials.


14. Sockets: When you want to connect two pieces of metal, a bolt or a screw may work well. But when you need to tighten the connection under great force, you need a fastener that's properly designed for socket-driven applications. Socket fasteners have threads and throats that are engineered to withstand high torque forces from a hex wrench.


15. Circlips: Circlips generally consist of two semi-circular pieces of metal that fit into a groove on the inside or outside of a shaft. They provide continuous radial force and are secure against high rotational speeds because they are retained within the groove.

Advantages of using Fasteners

Fasteners are used in all industries, appliances and even furniture. They are used to glue and join materials together. This is because fasteners provide strong joints and can be taken apart without damaging the joining components.

Some of the advantages of using Fasteners in their applications are:

1. They are simple to use and easy to maintain 

2. They help in the reduction of weight in the component 

3. The surface-coated sheet metal panels are feasible 

4. Simple and easy installation process

5. They are capable of joining a wide variety of sheet metal thicknesses with just one nut type

Things to keep in mind while buying Fasteners

Purchasing the right fastener is the most crucial task. Choosing the right fastener is very critical and can make or break your product. Here are some tips for you to pick the right fastener: 


1. Consider the primary use of the product. How do you determine the best fastener? While metal is an obvious choice for many products, it's important to consider the end use of your product and the environment it will be used in. Plastic alternatives may be a better solution if your product is never opened or exposed to harsh environments.


2. Know the details of your fastener. It is necessary to pay attention to fastener threads. For instance, do not buy a single-threaded fastener for a design that calls for a multiple-threaded one. Make sure to not use metal that is too heavy for your application. 

Make sure that the finish is according to the function. Fastener finishes influence the appearance of your product and can impact your production processes. Select a fastener finish only according to your needs. Finish hardness must be chosen according to the product's design. To ensure your needs are fulfilled, describe the fastener's intended function and inquire about fastener limitations.

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Agarwal Fastners Hex Nut Stainless Steel A2-304 5/32 inch - Pack of 100




Unbrako 402616 Metric Series Hex Wrench Set - Pack of 50 Pcs




SeaLinkers 3-4 mm U Clamp with Galvanized Finish - Pack of 5




Invento 5mm Spring ISC 888




STANDARD Tension Spring SS.3788 - Pack of 300




General frequently asked questions


Q1. What safety measures should we take when using Fasteners?

1. Choosing the right fasteners

2. Using proper tools 

3. Don’t work in incorrect settings 

4. Take proper safety precautions

5. Wear protective gear

Q2. Where can we buy the best Fasteners online?

Industrybuying is your one-stop destination for buying supreme quality Fasteners online. We offer premium quality fasteners from top brands at wholesale rates. 

Q3. What are the best brands dealing in Fasteners?

Unbrako, Sealinkers, Agarwal Fasteners, and Invento are some of the best brands dealing in Fasteners at Industrybuying. 

Q4. What is the difference between Washers and Rivets?
Washers are used between the head of a fastener and the object it is being tightened against to increase the bearing area of the joint, whereas Rivets are permanent fasteners that, once installed, cannot be re-used. Rivets are commonly used in industries such as the automotive and furniture industries to join metal sheets and plates together.


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