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What are Vacuum Cleaners?

The Vacuum Cleaner is an electrical device made for cleaning purposes such as dusting and sweeping by the method of suction. Cleaning your house is a tiresome chore that you have to do on a daily basis, and if you don’t, then slowly, the dust and unwanted particles will settle down in your home and further can also lead to health issues. Thus keeping the dust away from your house is an absolute necessity and the invention of Vacuum Cleaners came as an absolute relief when it came to cleaning. Vacuum Cleaners have made the chore of house cleaning easy and less time-consuming. With the invention of robotic vacuum cleaners, it is even easier as you do not even need to make an effort to use them, and they will do all the work on their own.    


Advantages of Vacuum Cleaners


1. Saves Time and energy - Vacuum Cleaners not only make your home hygienic but also save your time and efforts. Vacuum Cleaners can do the same job in a short period of time that would take hours in manual sweeping. Sweeping can physically exhaust you, especially when your house is big whereas vacuum cleaners require only the effort of handling them and thus are not tiring. 


2. Easy to use - Vacuum Cleaners are very easy to use as you simply have to put the plugin in the socket and then move it around in the area you want clean.


3. Removes Allergens from Breathing Air - HEPA filters and other types of filters are used in Vacuum Cleaners to prevent and remove disease-causing germs, bacteria, and viruses from the air thus providing you clean breathing air inside your house.


4. Removes Pet Hair- If you have a pet then you must know how hard it is sometimes to remove the pet hair stuck in carpets and other places. The high suction power of Vacuum Cleaners easily removes those hard to clean pet hair.


Types of Vaccum Cleaners

When it comes to cleaning, Vacuum cleaners are absolute saviours and with all the technological developments happening, different types of Vacuum Cleaners are available in the market. Before buying the Vacuum Cleaners, you should know about the types available and then choose the right one for your house. Following are the types of Vaccum Cleaners-


1. Cannister Vacuums - Canister Vacuums function well on hard surfaces or smaller carpeted spaces, like in cars or on the stairs. They have a retractable cord and a suction hose for easier manoeuvrability. These vacuums are ideal for cleaning furniture and many surfaces.


2. Upright Vacuums - Upright Vacuum Cleaners are perfect for large, carpeted portions of the house. A suction-driven motor-driven beater brush is used in Upright Vacuums to loosen and remove dirt. For versatility, most upright vacuums come with onboard attachments. Some designs are bagless, while others include dust and debris bags. These vacuums are best for carpets and hardwood floors.


3. Handheld Vacuums- Upright Vacuums fail to reach some areas of your house that you can reach with the help of handheld Vacuums. Since they're portable and cordless, they are great for cleaning tiny spaces. These are ideal for cleaning up after pets and toddlers. Handheld Vacuums are small, silent, and simple to use.


4. Sweeper or Stick Vacuums- Stick Vacuums, also known as Sweeper Vacuums, are a mix of handheld and Upright Vacuums. Stick vacuums have a penchant for getting into tight spaces and performing admirably on hardwood floors, area rugs, and light carpeting. A tall stick-like handle and a slim structure distinguish this Vacuum.


5. Robotic Vacuum- Robot Vacuum Cleaners have been increasingly popular in recent years, owing to their low effort requirements. 


Where can You Buy the Best Quality Vacuum Cleaners in India Online?

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What are the Best Brands Available for Purchasing Vacuum Cleaners Online in India?

Eureka Forbes, Standard, Black and Decker, IPC, Makita, Rodak, Powerwash, EuroClean, and Kent are some of the best brands available for purchasing good quality Vacuum Cleaners in India. You can find these brands at amazing discounts on, one of the most trusted E-coomerce website in India. Special discounted prices are available for bulk purchases.



S. No


Market Price

Industrybuying Price


POWERWASH 20 Ltr Vacuum Cleaner Yellow PW-VC-020 with 1 Year Warranty

Rs. 4,852

Rs. 4,776


Xtra Power XP VC 35 - 1100 W, 35 litres Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Rs. 6,199

Rs. 4,693


Pro Tools Vacuum Cleaner and Blower 950W 1212-A

Rs. 3,852

Rs. 3,526


Black & Decker ACV1205-IN -12V Dustbuster Auto Hand Vac

Rs. 2,555

Rs. 2,609


Makage 2000 W 60 Ltr Industrial Vacuum Cleaner - Makage-60-2M

Rs. 35,500

Rs. 34,395


Eibenstock VC-50 1400 W Vaccum Cleaner

Rs. 18,587

Rs. 18,067


Eureka Forbes Euroclean X-1 Vaccum Cleaner (Orange, Black)

Rs. 9,852

Rs. 9,263



Frequently Asked Questions about Vaccum Cleaners


Q1. How often should you Vacuum your house?

Ans. Unless your house gets a lot of dust and unwanted particles, Vacuuming twice a week should work just fine. But if you have a pet then it is recommended to vacuum on a daily basis since your house might be full of dog hair, dust and microscopic bacteria and allergens. 


Q2. Are Vacuums not good for Indian homes?

Ans. There is no such thing that Vacuum Cleaners are not effective for Indian homes. This is just a myth. Vacuum Cleaners are a very good option as they can reach the places your broom can not.  


Q3. Does a Vacuum Cleaner use a lot of electricity?

Ans. No. They do not use a very high amount of electricity. An average Vacuum Cleaner uses about 1400 watts or 1.4 Kilowatt-hour (kWh) energy per hour.


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