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Trash cans are a generic term for waste bins used for the temporary storage of waste until it is collected. A waste Bin, also known as a dustbin, and the trash can, is a type of container that is usually made out of metal or plastic. Waste containers can include items such as garbage cans, compost bins, portable toilets, and dumpsters. They have been used since early times by people living in less hospitable places where there was not enough space to store food or other goods.

Types of Dustbins and Waste bins

There are two types of Dustbins and Waste bins

Blue coloured Bins and Green coloured Bins.


Blue-coloured bins are used for collecting recyclable materials. The blue-coloured bins contain two-thirds parts for paper and one-third part for cardboard. This can be used to recycle newspapers, magazines, cardboard cartons etc.


The Green bin is used for collecting kitchen and other plant or animal wastes. The green bin is collected weekly. This type of waste rots completely when buried in the soil. It includes wastes like plate scrapings, vegetable peelings, meat and bones, cooked and uncooked food, cut flowers, etc.

Benefits of using a Recycling Dustbins and Waste bins

Reduced Trash:

Reduce the amount of trash you produce by recycling! Recycling some of your waste can result in a reduced amount of trash. That means fewer trips to dump garbage and less worrying about whether your trash will fit in the pickup bin or not. When you are conscious about what you recycle and what you throw away, you can separate the recyclables and throw away only the non-recyclable trash.


You can cash in on your recycling habits and turn your waste into cash by taking it to a recycling centre. If you do not have a full-service recycling centre in your area, you may be able to find a recycling machine that takes aluminium cans and glass bottles for cash.


A recycle bin can help you organise your waste for easy disposal at the proper facility. Most recycling centres require that you separate recyclable materials before they accept them in exchange for cash, so bins are an essential way to keep your recycling organized and make it easier for others to be sure that you're using them correctly.

Moral Reasons:

A Dustbin can help you sort and prepare your recyclable waste for easy disposal at the appropriate facility. Recycle bins are available in a variety of sizes and styles to fit in almost any space. 

Things to consider while buying a Dustbins and Waste bins

Volume and Compatibility:

When the trash bin is full, you want to be able to easily move it. This means that you will want a garbage can with wheels and/or handles. Wheels are especially beneficial for larger trash cans and for anyone who has mobility restrictions. Also, consider whether you have enough people in your household to handle loading and to unload the garbage cans.

Keeping Odour and Debris away:

One of the most important roles of a trash can is to prevent insects from invading food scraps and other materials. There are many great options out there which will not only keep pests out but also help to reduce odour. If you have any concerns about unwanted debris coming in contact with your waste, choose a trash can with a lid or other covering system.

Ease of Handling:

Trash bins are available with various options for easier handling and storage. They can be filled and emptied with the help of dollies, wheels, or rollers. Some trash cans come with removable tops and ventilated lids that open the bags below, allowing oxygen to get in. Larger trash cans are better with handles, wheels or rollers to make them easy to transport.

Pick special bins for medical waste.

Maintenance of a Dustbins and Waste bins

1. Before you start the cleaning process, it is important to wear protective gloves so as not to spread germs

2. In order to remove surface dirt and grime, hose down your bin in the bathroom. This will eliminate any dust and other germs that might be accumulated

3. Your bin is a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. Use a disinfectant to keep germs away. Read the instructions carefully before spraying inside your dustbin and let it dry, or wipe it with a clean cloth

4. When cleaning your dustbin, make sure to use a clean toilet brush to scrub the insides of the dustbin vigorously. Scrubbing with a stiff brush will help dislodge stains and grime buildup on the inner surface

5. Keeping your bins clean is the first step towards a tidy home. If the outside of your bin is made of stainless steel, wipe it clean with any glass cleaner and a microfibre cloth for a flawless shine

6. If you have a mouldy dustbin, expose it to direct sunlight. This will make the bin heat up and kill the mould

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General frequently asked questions


Q1. What are the things that we should consider while buying Dustbins?

1. Volume and Compatibility 

2. Keeping Odour and Debris away

3. Ease of Handling

4. Pick special bins for medical waste


Q2. Why is it important to use the correct Dustbins?

It is necessary to use the right bins for the correct waste. It is easy to avoid contamination at the beginning by having clearly labelled bins with correct labels and bags. 


Q3. Where can we find the best Dustbins online?

Industrybuying is your one-stop destination for buying bins online. We sell waste bins and Dustbins from top brands at wholesale prices.


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