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A tyre makes for the most essential component of any vehicle as it facilitates the movement and motion. A tyre allows the vehicle to move forward or backward as per the user’s preference. It is generally strong and flexible and is attached to the bottom of the vehicle.

What is a tyre?

A tyre can be defined as a round or ring-shaped component of a vehicle which is mounted on its wheel rim. It is a modern invention which is used to eliminate the excess manual effort required to propel a vehicle. It is fitted on rims and is filled with compressed air. A tyre is used for providing a gripping surface and serves as a cushion for the moving wheels of the vehicle.

A tyre is used in all the automobile vehicles including; trucks, buses, aircrafts, tractors etc.
Tyre size may vary as per the usage. For instance, smaller tyres are used for light conveyances such as shopping carts, baby carriages etc and large sized tyres are used for heavy vehicles such as buses, trucks and tractors. 

Top Selling Tyres at Industrybuying

Industrybuying provides  a range of scooter tyre and other two wheeler tyre, truck tyres and car tyres from leading brands such as:

1. CEAT Gripp 90/100-10 Tube Type Tyre For Scooter

2. Ralco AT 100/80-17 Tubeless Tyre for Bike BLASTER SPORTY-F

3. TVS 110/90-10 Conta 775R 61J TL Scooty Tyre

4. CEAT 205/55R17 SecuraDrive SUV 94V Tubeless Tyre

5. Bridgestone HP SPORT Tubeless Car Tyre 265/50R19

6. MRF REVZ-C1 150/60 R17 66S Tubeless Bike Tyre Rear

What is a tyre made up of?

➯ Most of the tyres today are manufactured out of natural rubber material. Rubber is treated in order to optimize its performance and for providing the best of strength, resilience and durability. This raw material provides high slip resistance and the best elasticity. Natural rubber is harvested from rubber trees on large plantations and is then treated to achieve the desired properties. 

➯ Tyres are filled with silica, carbon or chalk in order to bind the tyre and provide wear resistance. Fillers counter the wearing away of rubber and provide an increased mileage for the vehicle. 

➯ Adding plasticiser to the tyres ensures that the vehicle is able to move swiftly and safely even during snow and rainfall. This combination of oil and resins make the tyres flexible and provide additional grip. 

What are the different types of tyres?

➯ Tyres are available in a wide variety depending upon the suitability for the applications. Tyres can be classified into 2 broad categories. The different types of tyres include the following:


➯ A tube tyre features a simple construction and consists of a metal band which is fixed around a wooden wheel to prevent wear and tear. A tube-tyre consists of a tube which is placed between the tyre and the wheel rim. The tube is fitted with air and is inflated to allow the tyre to support the vehicle's weight. This kind of tyre can easily burst, leading to deformation of the shape and disbalance of the vehicle. 


➯ A tubeless tyre is preferred widely as it can offset the limitations of a tube-type tyre. A tubeless tyre is a pneumatic tyre which does not require an additional tube. This tyre scores over the conventional type as it allows the user to repair punctures without removing the tyre from the rim. This type of tyre is light in weight and provides better handling properties. 

What are the key components of a tyre?

A tyre comprises of several components which include the following:


1. Tread is the primary component of a tyre which comes into contact with the surface. It is a hard rubber compound which has been designed to provide the right level of traction that is resistant to wear and tear.

2. Bead is that part of the tyre which contacts the rim on the wheels. It is usually reinforced with steel wire and offers high strength and low flexibility. It is tightly fitted in order to prevent the tyre from shifting circumferentially while rotating.

3. Sidewall is often found in two wheeler tyre such as a bicycle tyre. It is bridged between the tread and the bead. Sidewall contains air pressure and is responsible for transmitting the torque and for providing appropriate traction.

4. Shoulder is attached to the edge of the tread and makes a transition with the sidewall.

5. Plies are an essential component which prevents the stretching of rubber due to internal pressure.

What are the applications of a tyre?

Different types of tyres are designed for different purposes. The most common usage of tyres can be found in the automotive sector. Each and every vehicle requires tyres to move forward. The usage of tyres can be differentiated on the basis of the load that they carry and the type of their application. For instance, heavy-duty tyres are used as truck tyres and light-medium duty tyres are used for motor vehicles, passenger cars etc.


Some tyres are designed to cater to a specific purpose. For example, snow tyre and off-road tyre are manufactured for facilitating the movement of vehicles in rough terrain. High-performance tyres, all-season tyres, mud-terrain tyres etc are manufactured for allowing the users to drive conveniently on uneven tracks and roads. 


Metal tyres are used on locomotives and rail cars as these provide the best of strength and anti-slip properties. Solid rubber tyres are used to cater to non-automotive applications. These tyres are for driving carts, lawnmowers, wheelbarrows, baby carriages etc.

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