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Engine Oil

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Engine Oil, also known as Motor Oil is used as a lubricating oil for internal combustion engines. Usually, they consist of base oils enhanced with several additives, particularly detergents, antiwear, and dispersants.

What are the Types of Engine Oil?

Conventional Oil: Conventional Oil, also known as motor oil, is manufactured from crude oil that is pulled from the ground and is later refined in a factory. Many different processes are done to improve the thickness and engine properties. Later it is bottled and sold for use in engines. Conventional oil is an extremely budget-friendly option for keeping your engine protected and your car running smoothly.

Full-Synthetic Oil: Synthetic motor oil is manufactured entirely in a factory or lab. Because of this, they tend to be far more consistent; it’s easier to control manufacturing processes when all of your materials are held to much more stringent standards. Thus, these oils are more refined and are overall better for your engine.

Synthetic Blend Oil: Synthetic blend oils are a kind of hybrid oil manufactured from both synthetic and natural materials. In other words, it’s a blend of both conventional and synthetic oils to try to capture some of the benefits of both while reducing their drawbacks. They provide better protection and performance than conventional oil but are not quite as good as a full-synthetic oil. They last a little bit longer than conventional oils, but not as long as full-synthetic. 

High-Mileage Oil: High-mileage oil is a somewhat unique branch of oil that’s entirely on its own. These products have a blend of unique additives included which are designed to help protect engine seals, which in turn helps prevent oil evaporation and improves overall performance.

Five Functions of Engine Oil

The primary functions of motor oil are friction reduction and wear reduction, but motor oil also plays other important roles in your engine. To better understand what motor oil does, it’s important to understand why it’s used, the different modes of lubrication, and what specific applications require lubrication.


1. Minimise Friction and Reduce Wear:

The most common and essential function of motor oil is to minimise friction and wear between components. Lubricants form an oil film on metal surfaces to reduce friction. Reduced friction prevents heating and abrasion on the friction surface, such as engine bearings.


2. Clean:

Keeping engine parts clean is another primary function of motor oil. To maintain internal cleanliness, motor oil suspends contaminants within the fluid and prevents contaminants from adhering to components.


3. Cool Engine Parts:

Reducing friction minimises heat in moving parts, which lowers the overall operating temperature of the equipment. Lubricants also absorb heat from contact surface areas and transport it to a location to be safely dispersed, such as the oil sump.


4. Form a Seal:

Motor oil acts as a dynamic seal in locations such as the combustion chamber. It helps seal the piston rings against the cylinder wall to prevent hot exhaust gases from contaminating the oil and to maximise engine compression.

A good seal also helps keep oil out of the combustion chamber to reduce oil consumption.


5. Prevent Corrosion:

A lubricant must have the ability to prevent or minimise internal component corrosion. To accomplish this, the oil either chemically neutralises corrosive products or creates a barrier between the components and the corrosive material. If corrosion or rust do form, contaminants can flake off and populate the oil, where they circulate through the system and scour metal bearings and other components.

Best Brands Dealing in Engine Oil

BPCL, Boch, Z Premium, Total, RUBIA, Starol, Servo, and Motul are some of the best brands dealing in Engine Oil at Industrybuying. 

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Best Selling Engine Oils Available at Industrybuying


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BPCL 210 Ltr Engine Oil

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Balwaan 900 ml 4 Stroke Engine Oil

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Z Premium 10 Ltr Multigrade Engine Oil Bucket MEOB

 Rs. 3,900

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Total RUBIA HD 800 Diesel Engine Oil 210 Ltr

 Rs. 50,000

 Rs. 48,000


Z Premium JEO01 1 Ltr JCB Engine Oil

 Rs. 600

 Rs. 615


Starol SR-555 Panther Power Multigrade Engine Oil 10 Ltr

 Rs. 2,600

 Rs. 2,400


Servo Futura G Plus 5W-30 Synthetic Engine Oil 3.5 L

 Rs. 1,800

 Rs. 1,600


Servo Pride XL Plus 15W-40 CI-4 Plus Premium Diesel Engine Oil 15 L

Rs. 5,200 

 Rs. 5,000


Motul 4100 POWER 10W-40 Technosynthese Full-Synthetic Engine Oil 3.5 ltr

 Rs. 1,800

 Rs. 1,700


Z Premium 10 Ltr Laal Ghoda Engine Oil Bucket LGE01B

 Rs. 4,000

 Rs. 3,600


General frequently asked questions


Q1. Is Engine Oil and fuel the same?

Oil and crude oil both come in the category of fuel. However, the major difference between the two is their method of preparation, components, and types. 


Q2. What is Engine Oil made of?

Mineral, synthetic, or semi-synthetic, engine oil is made of base oil- crude petroleum or polymers and additives with their unique compositions. 


Q3. What is the meaning of Engine Oil grade?

The performance of an oil product at operating temperature is determined by its grade (about 212 degrees Fahrenheit in your engine). You may have heard of terminology like "30-weight" or "10W-30" oil. Those figures represent the grade.


Q4. What is the life of Engine Oil?

With modern motor oils, it is advised to change the oil in intervals of 5,000-7,500 miles. If your car’s engine requires full synthetic motor oil, it might go as far as 15,000 miles without services.


Q5. Can Engine Oil be used to cool the engine parts?

Heat can be minimised in moving parts of the engine by reducing friction. Lubricants can absorb heat from the surface of the engine and can transport it to a safe dispersal space, such as an oil sump.


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