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Appliances are one of the most important products to be installed in your houses, offices or industries. A bad selection of appliances can result in serious mishaps. As a result, when selecting premium Appliances products, careful thinking, supervised installation, and trust are essential.

The Appliances we have in stock are safe, secure, trusted, economical, and are meant to fulfil all your industrial needs. We ensure quality, variety, fast delivery, best brands, competitive pricing and 100% satisfaction. You can find everything you need at our place without much effort.


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Nothing is left untouched when it comes to the Appliances Category of We deal in 30+ subcategories, including Irons, Juicer Mixer Grinder (JMG), Food Processers, Induction Cooktops, Heaters & Geysers, Electric Kettles, Kitchen Appliances and a lot more. 

Here at, you get every Appliance Product you need in one click.


Our Top-Selling Subcategories Include:

Following is a list of our best-selling subcategories-


  1. Irons: Irons for sale on are of the highest quality, and you can find all types of irons, including steam irons and dry irons. If you place particular emphasis on wrinkle-free clothing, you should have an ironing box ready. Ironed garments make you appear sophisticated and well-groomed. Iron is an electronic device used to remove wrinkles in clothing. Choose from the latest strains available online. Various types of these devices are available on the market, including dry irons, steam irons, and electric irons. The power consumption of these devices varies from model to model. These handy devices come in a variety of colours and models. Steam irons apply pressurised steam to garments and are ideal for thick cotton and silk garments. Fabrics like georgettes and crepes can be ironed for a wrinkle-free appearance. In today's world, an electric iron is both convenient to use and easy to maintain. The clothes iron is designed to fit into small spaces in your wardrobe or to be carried in your backpack while travelling. You can iron your jeans and shirts more easily with a standing iron table. Prices for iron boxes from major companies like USHA, BAJAJ, PHILIPS, Orient Electric, Nova Plus, Sansui, and others may be found online. Iron boxes are vital gadgets that should be in every home.


  1. Juicer Mixer Grinder: Here, you can find a juicer mixer grinder that suits all your needs. Juicer mixer grinders (500w1000w), mixer grinders, and juicers (centrifugal and press) are examples of the various juicer mixer grinders we offer to our customers. Blenders-Juicers-Grinders are electronic kitchen appliances that blend and grind various foods. It is small and serves as an integral part of food preparation. It has a versatile blade that can complete various tasks in seconds. This appliance is equipped with a powerful and energy efficient motor that can operate at high speeds. Due to the large rotation of the blade, various tasks can be performed with maximum efficiency. Most sets come with three separate jars that perform different tasks to speed up your work.Juices can be prepared, spices and grains can be ground, smooth pastes can be made, and a variety of fresh chutneys can be made. To make fresh juices for your family, you no longer need to utilise a manual juicer machine; instead, you can use your electric juicer. Hamilton Mixer Grinder, Prestige Mixer Grinder, Samsung Mixer Grinder, Bajaj, and many others are just a few of the options you have when looking for one for your wonderful kitchen. Butterfly, Morphy Richards, Pigeon, Singer, Ruhi, and other well-known brands are available online. To produce smoothies and healthy shakes with cold press technology, get a mixer juicer grinder online from the convenience of your own home. Philips, Sujata, Wonderchef, and Maharaja are some of the most well-known brands.


  1. Induction Cook Top: A single investment in an induction cooktop can reduce your dependence on the gas stove. Find different induction ovens online and choose the best oven to add to your kitchenware collection. Reverberator furnaces have metal coils that are heated using electricity. At the same time, the components of the induction stove use electricity, which is converted into electromagnetic waves to heat the oven. Most inductive stoves are safe as they cool as soon as you turn them off. Electronic stoves do not use flames to heat the utensils, which makes the kitchen much cooler. The brand has introduced a stove with various features to make it easier to use. Find an induction cooker with pushbuttons, touch panel and jog dial and choose the one that suits your needs. Most induction cookers have an automatic pan recognition feature, and the oven will not start until it recognises the utensil. If the rice cooker has a shut-off function, it will automatically turn off when not in use. Choose from trusted brands such as Prestige, Pigeon, PHILIPS, USHA and BAJAJ that offer durable and easy-to-use electric stoves online.


  1. Kitchen Appliances: Kitchen appliances are an important aspect of making the cooking experience efficient and hassle-free for all homes. The right combination of kitchen gadgets will enrich your culinary journey and save you time and effort. Advanced technology makes cooking fast, efficient and easy. Ovens and microwaves can quickly reheat leftovers, thaw frozen foods, and assist in baking experiments. The dishwasher eliminates your worrying cleaning time and reduces your reliance on home help. A hand blender makes it easier to grind and blend ingredients, reducing the hassle of making juices, sauces, curry bases and more. Properly selected kitchen appliances can greatly differentiate your kitchen experience from the previous generation. Placing the stove in the kitchen saves fuel and time by eliminating the loss of important vitamins during cooking. You can browse and find prices for appliances and stoves online from brands such as Elica, Samsung, Butterfly, PrestigePigeon and Bajaj. Kitchen appliances are available in a variety of models, sizes, capacities, energy efficiency assessments, etc., to meet all your needs and meet your requirements. With just a few clicks, you can buy online from a comfortable location at home and deliver it to your doorstep.


  1.  Geysers: Purchasing Geysers from Industrybuying gives you one major advantage- the ability to choose from market-leading brands. You can compare the products and orders from market leaders like Bajaj, Havells, Crompton, AO Smith, Orient, and others.  


  1. Coffee Maker: When you need the quickest refreshment Coffee Makeers comes in the play while choosing Coffee Maker for your home & office your should buy only reliable and best quality products. Coffee Makers from will go a long way, exactly like the trust between our consumers and us.


  1. Microwave Oven: Everybody loves hot & delicious food. Microwave Oven helps you serve hot foods while keeping quality of foods intact. Therefore, we are here to offer trusted products from reliable brands like Havells, Bajaj, Morphy Richards, Pigeon etc.



Best Selling Appliances Brands at Industrybuying

We are the best in the market because of our competitive pricing and guaranteed quality. We are delighted to say that we deal in over 100 worldwide recognised appliance brands, including:


  1. Bajaj: One of the oldest & renowned names among the Electrical & Appliances manufacturing companies, Bajaj has established itself in Domestic Appliances - Irons, OTG, Geysers, Juicer Mixer Grinders, Food Processers, Kitchen Appliances
  2. Morphy Richards: India’s most trusted market leader in the Domestic Appliances market with a wide variety of products such as a Food Processers, JMG, Coffee Makers, Irons etc.
  3. Havells: It is a globally recognised fast moving electrical goods (FMEG) company covering a wide range of consumer as well as industrial electrical appliances such as fans, cables, wires, switchgear, etc.
  4. Philips: A multinational company specialising in Domestic & Personal Appliances sector. It provides top-class personal care appliances (Trimmers, Hair Dryers etc)  & Domestic Appliances products( Juicer Mixer Grinders, Irons, Food Processers etc.) at the most competitive prices.
  5. Wipro: A multinational conglomerate specialised right from software to domestic appliances offers Intelligent, eco-friendly and economical Irons, Induction Cooktops and Electric Kettles from the No.1 Brand at your doorstep.


We believe in providing everything for our consumers with a large number of choices to choose from. So, we list other top-class brands such as Maharaja Whiteline, Orpat, Singer, Kenstar, Usha, Orient, Carrier, Candes, Mikrotik, Polycab, Symphony, Schneider, Mxvolt, Daikin, Blue Star, Bluebird, Bajaj, Godrej, Crompton,  and a lot more.


Some Safety Rules for Appliances:


  1. Always follow safety instructions of your Appliances. Reading and following safety instructions of Appliances helps you to prevent any untoward accident. If anything suspicious you notice about your appliances, please get it checked by a qualified technician.
  2.   Always watch out for the overload condition of your products as it may cause damage to your product.
  3. Equipment should never be used with frayed cords, damaged insulation, or broken plugs.
  4.   Disconnect the power source before servicing or repairing electrical equipment.
  5.   Unplug all your unused appliances to reduce potential risk.
  6.   Use only tools and equipment with non-conducting handles when working on electrical devices.
  7.   If water or a chemical is spilt onto equipment, shut off power at the main switch or circuit breaker and unplug the equipment. Never try to remove water or similar from equipment while energised.
  8.   Never handle electrical equipment when hands, feet, or body are wet or perspiring or when standing on a wet floor.
  9.   Be aware that interlocks on equipment disconnect the high voltage source when a cabinet door is open, but power for control circuits may remain on.
  1. Do not store highly flammable liquids near electrical equipment.


Top-Selling Appliances Brands at Industrybuying


S. No


Market Price

Industrybuying Price


Bajaj GX-1 500 W Mixer Grinder with 3 Jars White




Bajaj Majesty Canvas 1000W Dry Iron Green




Eveready White and Blue 500W Glowy Mixer Grinder




Morphy Richards Inspira Dry Iron




Candes 10 Ltr 10gracia1cc Water Geyser  4172



Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the most typical reason for an appliance to break down?

 The three most common reasons for failures that we see as a result of wear & tear are a mechanically locked compressor, failure of the fan motor, and dirty condenser coils.


2Which appliance breaks down the most? 

Dishwashers tend to break down more often than most home appliances. Few dishwashers last beyond 13 years. The biggest threat to your dishwasher is dry rot, which affects the seals, gaskets, and hoses. 


3. Why did my appliances stop working? 

The most common problems with household appliances are mechanical in nature. You may have a broken or worn-out component (such as a switch or motor). A loose wire or a bad connection can also cause easily-fixable problems. 


4. What makes an appliance smart? 

When an appliance is connected to a central system and can be programmed or controlled remotely or function autonomously based on input from sensors that detect temperature, light levels, or activity, it is referred to as a smart appliance.


5. How does low voltage affect appliances? 

If the voltage is too low, the amperage increases, which may result in the components melting down or causing the appliance to malfunction. If the voltage is too high, this will cause appliances to run 'too fast and too high' which will shorten their service life. Leads, cables, cords and power lines are not at risk.


6. What results in a short circuit?

When a hot wire carrying live current comes into contact with a neutral wire, either directly or through arcing, the current jumps from the live to the neutral wire, causing an electrical short circuit.


Enticing Offers & Great Deals on Appliances

If you are looking for premium Appliances online at affordable prices, then Industrybuying is your one-stop solution. We offer an array of Appliances in a bevy of designs and specifications that meet every office need. If you want to buy Appliances online in India at reasonable prices, get the best deals at Industrybuying. We have an efficient logistics chain and the best Appliances distributors with us. We have Appliances dealers in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Chennai, Pune, Jaipur, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad. When you purchase Appliances online from Industrybuying, make sure you use the coupon codes to fetch an attractive deal on your purchase. We procure Appliances from renowned dealers to make sure that the items are genuine and that you don’t face any hassles after you have made your purchase. You will get the best Appliances prices online at Industrybuying.

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