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Grain Processing Machine

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Grain Processing is a method that helps in refining rice by removing the hulls and bran from paddy grains, and a Grain Processing Machine helps in achieving the same. It is an Agricultural Machinery that has a wide range of applications. A heavy-duty machinery, it has helped reduce the tillage of the farmers since its invention.


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Working of the Grain Processing Machine

The Grain Processing Machine separates grains from the bran in a step-by-step method. Below is the whole process explained-


1. Grain Cleaning - Essential for removing undesired foreign matter, grain cleaning is given utmost importance to ensure the proper functioning of the Grain Processing Machine. Rough grains are passed through a series of sieves, and dust and other light pollutants can be removed using the closed-circuit suction system.


2. Grain De-husking - A streamlined flow is directed into two opposite-spinning rubber rollers that are revolving at various rates. The rubble rollers are subjected to a horizontal inward pressure by pneumatic means. Because of the disparity in the speed of rotation, a shear force is generated on the surface of the hull (with two sides being rubber by tow rubber rolls) that breaks a part of the hull.


3. Grain Separation - The grain surface is smooth as compared to the rough bran surface. This variation in surface roughness is used to separate grains from bran through the separator.


4. Grain Polishing - The surface of separated grains is still rough and is smoothened by a humidified polisher. The process involves rubbing a grain surface against another grain’s surface with mystified air acting as a lubricant between the two surfaces. Usually, a modified version of this process is used to produce a superfine silky finish on the grain surface. The bran layer is removed from the surface if pneumatically conveyed to a separate room for further processing/storage.


5. Grain Grading - Broken grain is taken out of whole rice by putting it through a cylindrical screen with indentations that rotates at a certain pace. The fragmented grains slide into the grooves of the revolving cylinder, are propelled forward by centrifugal force, and then fall into a trough as a result of gravity. Changing the rate and direction of rotation of the trough can vary the average length of grains.


6. Grain Colour Sorting - Discoloured grains are removed from the like-coloured grains by colour sorting machines. Photo sensors/CCD (Charged Coupled Device) sensors generate voltage signals on viewing discoloured grains, which are then removed by air-jet generated through solenoid valves.


Precautions while using Grain Processing Machine

Following are the safety measures needed to be ensured before operating a Grain Processing Machine-


1. Training

Training is of utmost importance in order to learn the workings of any machinery. Workers need to be properly trained and practiced in order to use the machine efficiently. Any negligence can lead to accidents and injuries. 


2. Be fully prepared

Each operator has to be aware of the ideal response in an emergency. When using Agricultural Grain Processing Machine, keep the following in mind:

  • Conveyors exist in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they always follow the same basic operating principles and might present significant risks. 
  • Make sure you are familiar with the conveyor's operation, characteristics, and primary risks before using it. For safe use, read the user guide.
  • Find Switches: Before turning the conveyor on, find the switches so you'll know how to turn them off in case of an emergency. Test it to make sure it functions. 
  • Always make sure that emergency stop buttons and grab wires are unobstructed.


3. Put on Personal Protection Gear

Wear the proper PPE, such as safety shoes, a hard helmet, an earplug, an eyeplug, safety glasses, and gloves, for the task of processing grains and your working environment. Keep loose clothing and jewellery away from the conveyor belt, and tuck your long hair behind your back.


4. Pay Attention

Even if you are accustomed to using agricultural Grain Processing Machine, mishaps might still happen. Consider these safety recommendations before using the machine:

1. Conduct a thorough risk analysis and routine visual examination.

2. Make sure you can see the conveyor when using the controls before turning on the device.

3. At all times, a warning signal that can be heard must be employed.

4. Keep an eye out for strange noises that might indicate a jam or malfunctioning of the machine. Stop using the equipment and contact your service team if you hear or see anything out of the ordinary.


Best Brands Dealing in Grain Processing Machine at Industrybuying

Agripro, Confider, Raja, Rico Italy, Kisankraft, agrOMill, Sparrow, Falcon and other international brands are supplying the best in industry Grain Processing Machine online at Industrybuying. 


Top-Selling Brands of Grain Processing Machine


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AgriPro 3 HP Butterfly Rice Mill Machine without Motor APRM6N

Rs. 12455

Rs. 11619


AgriPro 3 HP Disc Mill Crusher with Milling Screen Without Motor APDMC9FC

Rs. 13678

Rs. 12200


Kisankraft 4 HP Maize Cum Dehusker Sheller

Rs. 31456

Rs. 29698


Rico Italy Rice Mill with Motor P4RI RF 86

Rs. 42999

Rs. 40950


Confider Rice Mill Machine without Motor 3 HP RMS(Single)

Rs. 29738

Rs. 27590


agrOMill 6N40 Domestic Rice Machine 2.2-2.6kw

Rs. 20999

Rs. 18700

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to maintain the Grain Processing Machine?

Below are some of the steps taken to ensure the maintenance of the machine-

1. Regularly check the machine for clogs

2. Do not keep the machine near moisture-prone areas

3. Clean and oil regularly

4. Turn off on heating

5. Follow the user manual for proper operations


2. Are the Grain Processing Machines provided on Industrybuying functions well? 

Grain Processing Machines provided on the Industrybuying’s website are high-quality and high-performance machinery. They work efficiently and have been procured from leading industrial manufacturers. Industrybuying never compromises on quality and efficiency. The products here are warranty assured. 


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